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(Movable Eyes, Toy Eyes  :)

(Chenille Stem                   :)

(Pom-Pons                          :)

(DIY BOX                            :)

(Plastic Nose                      :)

(Hinge of Stuffed Toys      :)


Agent Products


(Artificial Pistil                :)

(Flora Tape                         :)

(Paper Rope                        :)

(Acrylic Felt                       :)

(Corrugated Paper            :)

(Silicon and Supper Glue:)

(Hot-Melt Glue Stick       :)

(Hot-Melt Glue Gun         :)

(Paper Clay                         :)

(Sequin                                  :)

(Sucker                                  :)


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(Desk & Chair                     :)


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Dog Nose

Triangular Nose

Oval Nose

Clown Nose

Koala Nose

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Movable Eyes


Chenille Stems

Corrugated Paper

Styrofoam Glue

Flora Tape



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