Oval Moving Eyes




Oval Moving Eyes, Movable Eyes, Joggle Eyes, Joggling Eyes, Wiggle Eyes, Wiggling Eyes, Wiggly Eyes, Wobbly Eyes


5x7m/m, 6x8m/m, 7x10m/m, 9x12m/m, 11x15m/m, 13x18m/m, 15x20m/m


Black pupil, Colorful Pupil, Glow-in-the-dark, Self-adhesive



Delivery time

3~10 days


Toys, Gifts, Stationery, Card, Handicraft, Clothes, etc.

How to use

A B glue, Resin adhesive, Super glue, Hot-melt adhesive

Safe Standard

EN71 part1, part2 and part3 and Phthalates.


Moving Eyes have Moving pupil and three- dimensional shape showing the beautiful luster. To put them on your products in order to make your products look more lively. Only a bit expense earns large added value.


Moving Eyes also are used as toys, crafts and gifts, and they have been the necessary items in the craft marking. We also can accept small packing for you.


Moving Eyes only use the top material from Taiwan. Each material and Moving Eyes passes the stern quality control before producing and selling. Cost and quality control are our creed. We assure you the wonderful quality and competitive prices.


Moving Eyes pass the EN71 and PHTHALATES test. As soon as new test announced, we always do test at once. We assure you that Moving Eyes always keep the best safe condition.


Moving Eyes have small volume so delivery cost is very low; therefore, they are very suited to sell and export to all of world.


We have been producing and selling Moving Eyes to all of world for more than 25 years. The sales volume is above 5 hundred million every year. We assure you will satisfy our products.

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